Last Updated: 13 February 2018

Although the critical role of the immune system in cancer has long been recognized, the development of novel oncological pharmacotherapies through specifically targeting the immune system is a relatively new area of research. Key challenges for the effective translation of emerging science into efficient drug development include:

  • Identification of novel targets and optimal dosing regiments for combination therapies
  • Individualized dosing and prediction and management of the therapeutic window in special patient populations
  • Identification of subgroups of patients most likely to benefit through use of biomarkers, diagnostic and precision medicine
Model-informed drug discovery and development (MID3) is increasingly being used to tackle such challenges and provides a quantitative framework for rational development of immune-oncology therapies.

This immuno-oncology virtual issue of CPT-PSP contains original research articles, case studies, reviews and tutorials of cutting-edge pharmacometric and systems pharmacology approaches spanning the R&D continuum from drug discovery to development as well as regulatory approval and clinical use.

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